Student housing designed for dancers


Nestled at the base of the Hollywood Hills, we offer off site barrack style housing for 14-16 female students ages 18 and older. Stay in our gated “Dance Dorm” conveniently located less than a mile from Millennium Dance Complex in an excellent neighborhood adjacent to bus stops, shopping, and restaurants. Full access to pool, sundeck, fire pit, soaktub under the stars, and an infrared sauna. Meet and bond with other dancers from around the world!




  • Kitchenette

  • Washer/Dryer

  • Free Parking (ask for parking permit)

  • Pool

  • Air Conditioning

  • Bedroom Comforts

  • Free WiFi


Please call us at 818-753-5081 or email us at for more info.


$350.00 PER WEEK


$1,000.00 PER MONTH

RULES & REGULATIONS: We have very strict rules and regulations for the protection and privacy of all: No visitors at any time. Curfew 11pm Sunday-Thursday, 2am Friday and Saturday. NO SMOKING OR ALCOHOL on premises. $50 deposit for cleaning fee if you do not clean up after yourself. 1 baggage only. Baggage will be stored in garden shed, and there is limited space available. Kitchen hours are from 9am-9pm, please meal prep if you need to cook after hours. 

If you are wondering why there is no Bed 14, that's because our Dorm Mom sleeps there!

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If you are staying for multiple months, we will charge you for the first month and a one month deposit, which will be used towards your last month at the dorms.

Alternate Housing

For dancers under 18, please see